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how to wire a coax plug

how to wire a coax plug
How to fix a Tv coax plug onto an aerial cable correctly

One thing I've noticed in my years working as an aerial & satellite engineer is the amount of poorly fit coax plugs. If you are unfamiliar with the term "coax plug", it is basically the little silver plug that connects your freeview aerial cable to your Tv. They have been around for decades and haven't changed much in style during that time.
A badly fitting coax plug can cause anything from a glitchy picture to complete loss of both picture and sound. This can be interpreted as you having a problem with your Aerial head or even cable. Why, well on your Tv it may say "weak or no signal" which is correct, but the fault can be rectified a lot quicker and cheaper than replacing your Tv Aerial and cable.
If you have this issue currently, then thee are a couple of checks that you can make to determine whether or not you need to be reaching for the phone and calling digitec-serials.co.uk to come and repair your Aerial system. Firstly check that the coax plug is firmly plugged in to the correct socket in the back of your Tv. There are literally loads of instances where we have been called out to a property where the customer is complaining of no signal, to find that all that was up was the coax plug had somehow become disconnected from the Tv.
Secondly, take the coax plug in hand and unscrew the silver nose of the plug, to expose the inners of the caox plug. What you need to do now is make sure that the copper braid is exposed and is touching the outer case of the plug, and that not even a single piece of the braid is making contact with the inner copper wire. If it is then clear away the braid form touching the wires and screw back the front part of the coax plug. If you find that there is insufficient braid connecting to the outer case of the plug, then this coax plug will need to unscrewed and for the Aerial Cable to be be stripped back, exposing the braid, and then the coax plug screwed back on.
If these issues are not effecting your cable and the coax plug is in good order & you are still experiencing Tv reception problems, then it would be time to call out a trusted qualified Aerial & satellite engineer to take a look at your aerial system.

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