Monday, 18 August 2014

WWF and Hollywood actors that did steroids
WWF and Hollywood actors that did steroids

WWF and Hollywood actors that did steroids

You may have seen a number of movies in which heroes have ideally perfect, attractive and extremely impressive bodies with extra-ordinary powers for performing huge tasks. Or if you are interested in wrestling you would have been impressed by huge bodies of wrestlers. Have you ever thought that how these great heroes have built these huge muscles? Would you believe that all this stuff is only due to steroids?

There is no doubt that many film stars use drugs to have perfect bodies like many players, bodybuilders and wrestlers. Their bodies show that they are or have been on juice. In fact, I think that they are helpless as they have to use these steroids. Otherwise they would lose their popularity. Р’В It means that they will have to say good bye to all their fame, their wealth and their hope for life (which they never become ready to say).

Rock has been using steroids when he was in WWF wrestling. In one of his interviews he admitted that he had used some gears to build such a strong body. When he entered in Hollywood film industry, his position became even more curtail as now he has to have an extra-ordinary smart look. To achieve this look, he has to use drugs because the look he wants cannot be achieved without these drugs. Many other prominent actors like Rock are using these steroids to make their careers. It is true that sometimes they take help from performance enhancing drugs that are not steroids but most often they use drugs.

It is a proven fact that all the renowned actors and players take steroids to a certain extend. The dose may be different, the time period may be changed from one to other and the individual reaction may vary from person to person but the effects are all the same. Big guys are naturally liked by young generation. Their size definitely has attraction for many people of society but the clear cut reality is this that nobody can get it without proper cycles of steroids. No matter, how big you have been in your childhood, now you cannot become big without steroids.

It is also possible that some actors of Hollywood have to take steroids to make their bodies perfect for their roles. That is the reason that we see same person in different sizes. At one time he looks smart with quite lean muscles and at some other time, in some other movie he looks like a bull with strong and huge muscles. Do you think that huge bodies can be made in days?Р’В  No, it is not possible that you bulk up muscles in few days. No matter, how much you do hard exercises or how much you eat. You have to take help from drugs in both the cases i.e. either you want to bulk up or you want to cut down.

Do you think that it is a good trend to use steroids to have strong body? Nobody will say yes in the response of this question. These actors and wrestlers are the heroes and people follow them blindly. They should not lead them to unhealthy trends.


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