Sunday, 9 February 2014

Free SEAFOOD Home Delivery
Free SEAFOOD Home Delivery
There’s not that many out there that are looking out for the customer’s best interest. They don’t tie-in “Free Shipping” into their product prices like their competitors. Ever wonder why another is selling the same product for a much more preposterous price? I wager they are offering a very low cost for shipping or even doing so for free. It’s a marketing strategy consumers are appealed too. Nothing is really “free”. Currently, their king salmon fillet sells for $19.99 for each pound. Do you really want to go somewhere else and pay $39-$49 for each pound for the same pound of salmon fillet so you can “feel good” that your products are being delivered for, so called, “free”? You’re smart, figure it out and give Giovanni’s Fish Market and Galley a try and make them earn your business you won’t be let down.

What is seafood? Click on here if you have just visited our earth.

We are very happy of our heritage, and accomplishments over the Years. Our customers and community come first in our business – and their opinion counts!

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